So now I’m tackling Ruby and then Rails in an effort to gain more experience in development by learning a new language and broadening my base of knowledge. I’ve been kickstarted by my mentor at, Kevin McGillivray who is gracious enough to continue pointing me in the right direction to grow my web dev bag of tricks.

I like this object-orientated language so far, it lays out and is expressed in a manner that resonates a little better with me than Javascript does (I sheepishly write). I guess that could be due to the syntax structure. It seems to be written in a manner that goes down a little easier, a little more logical than formulaic. Check out these two code snippets for For Loops from the jumpstartlabs tutorial, ruby in a 100 minutes.

Javascript For Loop

for(var i = 0; i < 5; i++){
  console.log("Hello, World");

vs. Ruby For Loop

5.times do
  puts "Hello, World!"

I mean, to me, one snippet comes off a little clearer than the other though I do have a much better grasp of these things than I did some ten months ago. Maybe I’m just a little better.

Well, here’s to learning and making bigger and better things and hoping it all makes sense at some point in the near future.